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The Quality Measurement Index® (QMI) is a breakthrough tool available to help you now. The QMI is a rigorously validated evaluation package based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. You administer the QMI survey in your organization. We analyze the results and return a comprehensive evaluation. The report zeros in on your organization’s quality management strengths and weaknesses, giving comparisons to world class standards and recommendations for action. The QMI provides with current performance benchmarks and helps your organization set specific goals to move toward quality excellence. The QMI measures the capabilities of your quality, productivity, and service systems through those who know them best - your own people. Each person who completes the QMI helps you identify improvement opportunities, while simultaneously educating your organization in the world class performance standards set by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. You can customize the QMI demographics and the normative database to suit the specific needs of your organization. Call today to find out how the QMI can help your organization.

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The Quality Measurement Index® is available in the following versions, each with its own user database:
· Manufacturing
· Service
· Health Care
Separate databases are available for your specific needs.
· "Organizational-unique" databases can be developed for comparisons among organizational units upon request.

The QMI Feedback Report Provides:
· Comprehensive illustrated tables of findings for each survey item
· High and low scores breakout reports isolating specific area of success and weakness
· Benchmarking against world class performance standards set by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
· Benchmarking against Baldrige winners
· Benchmarking against your previous QMI results
· Benchmarking against QMI normative database
· Executive Summary detailing specific strengths and areas for improvement.

Comments from past QMI users:
"We use the QMI. Further, we encourage our key suppliers to use the survey. We all have to continuously improve."
Director of Vendor Relations
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner

"The Quality Measurement Index allowed quick and effective evaluation of the Baldrige Award criteria, resulted in improvement actions one year earlier than planned, and provided the bonus of 80% voluntary employee involvement and education in the Baldrige-based survey."
Manager, Malcolm Baldrige Examiner
Lord Corporation

"[The QMI]. . .generates absolute results against the Baldrige criteria and intra-company comparisons. It provides comparisons to industry and previous Baldrige Award winner’s averages and generates a predicted Baldrige score."
Senior Quality Consultant,
Corporate Quality Assurance, NCR Corporation

"The [assessment] process which we were led through assured that all levels of our organization knew what quality goals they needed to accomplish. The QMI has provided us with an absolutely marvelous stimulus to do the right thing."
Associate Director
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

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