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Anyone who has had the good fortune of working for a company that really knows how to satisfy its employees has an experience that they are not likely to ever forget. Many companies highlight the importance of their people in slick vision statements, polished wall plaques, and once/year company-mandated picnics. No, the companies we are talking about are those that capture the heart once the heart is captured, the soul of the business is formed and the sky is truly the limit.

This measurement instrument succinctly and completely lets you know how you are doing and identifies where you need to focus your improvement efforts to capture your employees' hearts. The ESMI centers on five key principles, which were thoroughly researched and documented as the best of the best when it comes to satisfying their employees. The literature is replete with examples of organizations that treat their employees as cherished family members. Not surprisingly, these 150+ companies examined are leading the field, as a group their stock is skyrocketing well ahead of the S&P, and they remain steadfast in their treatment of their "family members".

The five critical areas leapt from the pages of the leading publications, seminars, conferences, and teachings in universities. Books such as Body and Sole: Profits with Principles, The Customer Comes Second The Invisible Assembly Line, The New Partnership, The 100 Best Companies to Work For in America, 1001 Ways to reward Employees, The Pursuit of WOW!, Second to None: How Smart Companies Put People First, and SuperMotivation. Thousands of sources, interviews, and hours of research have gone info the identification of the five critical areas and the ESMI. These Big Five are:

  1. CAPTURE THE HEART- Does your company live a compelling vision, balance work and family, celebrate and have fun?
  2. OPEN COMMUNICATION - Do you establish internal listening as a priority, use multiple internal communication channels, encourage two-way interaction, and give feedback in real time?
  3. CREATE PARTNERSHIPS - How do you stand on squashing status barriers, opening the company books, paying for performance, not titles, sharing the bad times as well as the good times, and serving the frontline partners first?
  4. DRIVE LEARNING - Are you truly a learning organization? Do you guarantee employability, not employment; promote visible, action-filled learning; encourage continuous, lifelong learning?
  5. EMPOWER ACTION Do you do an outstanding job at allowing employees the freedom to fail and to fly again? How about creating freedom from bureaucracy so they can use their creativity and innovation to move you into world class? Do you encourage challenges to the status quo? Finally, do you give everyone input into firing the right customers?

Do you currently check these kinds of things periodically within your company? If not, you should, and you can, with the ESMI from ATPlus. Ota insightful and on-target feedback report, filled with best practices from the best companies on the planet which are tailored to your particular organization (not simply laundry listed for you to choose something that might work for you), will show you how you are doing in the area of employee satisfaction. As Herb Kelleher, the CEO of the highly successful, employee-focused, World Class company Southwest Airlines states it best "Our customers are not first, our employees are. You see, if we treat the employees right, they treat the customers right. Sometimes customers are wrong."

After taking the ESMI, employee expectations will be raised. This challenges you to put your people into your planning efforts. Imagine, just for a moment, that your company has recently taken the ESMI which clearly identified where you are strong, and where you need to improve. You implemented some of the best practices suggestions and you notice these results:


  • Absenteeism is at an all-time low.
  • People are not concerned about clocking out, but can't wait to clock in.
  • Recruiting good people is not hard... they come looking for you.
  • Employee enthusiasm and motivation is sky high
  • Profits, unamazingly, are at an all time high
  • Managers' and mid-level supervisor's' morale is through the roof
  • There is a contagious, never quit, camaraderie arid high spirited excitement permeating the work areas
  • People don't just like work, they love it.
  • The feedback you get, formally and informally, is that employees have fallen in love... with the company.

These comments are not a pipe dream. They can and will become a reality, aid it all can start with the ESMI. Don't delay, call today to start the wheels turning. Make your employees the high performers they want to be.

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